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My father was a third-generation small business owner. His corner store was a destination for traditional Italian sausage, affordable groceries, and community support. Located within Railroad Island on the Lower East Side of Saint Paul, MN, Kormann’s Super Market was iconic for 112 years. The ethos of Saint Paul’s East Side was embodied by my dad and his business. Empathy – truly caring for your neighbors and your coworkers – was a minimum expectation. Supporting the community was a given. Relying on your community when times were tough was expected. I started working for my dad at age 12. I learned customer service, diligence, leadership, and accountability. No matter where I live, I’ll always have the East Side within me. I'll always rely on those most important elements of my earliest work experience to shape coaching, leadership, mentoring, and business decisions.


Let's take a holistic approach to your business and get deeper than the P&L. Talent assessment and development, organizational design, cross-divisional or brand integration and relations, and community and stakeholder engagement should empower a business to achieve more than it can when focused strictly on fiscal metrics. Eastside Business Development takes a holistic approach to business, helping solve specific issues with a constant focus on the entire organization. In short, let's develop culture, expectations, and accountability to ensure the most crucial fiscal metrics follow.

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Founder and Principal

More than 25 years of leadership experience in for-profit and non-profit, B2B and B2C, self-employed and working with multibillion dollar international organizations.


I've spent my career improving team cultures, exceeding fiscal expectations, and helping others achieve their goals.

My passion is helping others, whether through volunteerism, working inside organizations to improve their performance, or coaching others so they can do the same. I'd love to discuss how we can work together to achieve more tomorrow than we can today.

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